Automation Instrumentation and Controls Engineering

Automation Instrumentation and Controls Engineering

At Venture our Automation team works closely with our Process Department to create a functional spec from a conceived idea. We work closely with our customers and Project Managers to identify needs, estimate costs, create schedules and develop functional descriptions of how each system is to work. We utilize the talents of many principles, Mechanical, Environmental, Civil, and Instrumentation and Controls in order to lay out a facility and identify the necessary hardware. From conception to commission, software development, support, training and remote diagnostics the Automation group is intimately involved.

Our Automation group looks beyond Venture’s supply and ties in total site operations with networked systems from multiple vendors. Our experiences with Multi-disciplines have led us to serve as the “Customer’s Engineer,” developing capital project budgets, ROIs and as multi-vendor project and site managers. Our diversity allows us to better understand a process and integrate best practices.

With solid experience in heavy manufacturing, refining, chemicals and metals, Venture’s Instrumentation and Controls group efficiently translates process descriptions into proper control logic, completes PIDs, and identifies the correct instrument for each point in a process. We look for client buy-in and approval every step of the way and seek “best value” solutions from project conceptualization through commissioning.


Automation Services

  • Project \ Site Management
  • Project Studies and Estimates
  • New Product Development
  • Network Layouts
  • Communications – Multiplatform Expertise
  • Rockwell A/B Partner
  • PLC and SCADA \ HMI Programming
  • DC and Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)
  • Custom Programs and Processes
  • Coordinated Processes
  • Retrofits and Upgrades
  • Instrumentation Calibration
  • Vision and Tracking Systems
  • Construction Supervision
  • Start-up and Commissioning
  • Training and Operator Manuals
  • Remote Diagnostics


Instrumentation and Controls Services

  • Network architecture, I/O lists
  • Panel configuration drawings
  • Instrumentation lists
  • Instrument data sheets
  • Typical instrument installation details
  • Panel power distribution drawings
  • Instrumentation location plans
  • Control room plans and sections
  • I/O module drawings
  • Module wiring details
  • Panel plans and schedules
  • Factory testing
  • Electrical area classifications
  • Functional control specification
  • Start-up & commissioning