Calgon Carbon Big Sandy Plant

Location: Big Sandy, Kentucky
Date Completed:2010

Project Scope
Venture Engineering & Construction was contracted to provide a study to examine options available for reclaiming heat used in the production of electricity through heat recovery high pressure steam generation and a steam turbine driven electric generator.

Calgon carbon has three production lines in operation at its Big Sandy, Kentucky Plant, which produce activated carbon from bituminous coal, heat, and steam. Due to the high temperatures required for production significant heat remained in the exhausts from the process.

Several activators at the site do not have HRSGs (Heat Recovery Steam Generators) continuously exhaust high volumes of gas at elevated temperatures. This heat could be used to produce steam for power generation at the plant. This would, in turn, result in decreased total power consumption displacing power currently purchased. It would increase the efficiency of the use of the fuel in the process.

Services Provided
Venture prepared computer models of the heat recovery and electricity generating over a wide range of conditions. Using the ChemCAD results, Venture sized the major and auxiliary equipment. Using these specifications, we requested budgetary pricing, size and delivery information from the major equipment manufacturers.

The vendor proposals established equipment sizes. Due to the space and access limitations of the facility, Venture prepared a preliminary general arrangement drawing for the optimal HRSG/steam turbine option.

Multiple combinations of HRSGs and turbine(s) were considered. A recommendation of the optimal combination of HRSGs and turbine generator was made to the client.