Chicopee, Massachusetts Gas Conditioning System

Location: Chicopee, Massachusetts
Date Completed: 2011

Project Scope

Venture Engineering & Construction was contracted to provide its patent pending Biogas Conditioning System to improve the quality of the Landfill Gas at the Chicopee Landfill Gas to Energy (LFGTE) facility. The landfill uses approximately 3,000 scfm of landfill gas to produce approximately 7.8MW of power using four (4) Jenbacher 616 engines.

The Biogas Conditioning System removes landfill gas contaminants including H2S NMOCs, Siloxanes , and moisture prior to combustion in the engines. These contaminants are harmful to all combustion devices as well as post combustion environmental control system catalysts (i.e. CO and SCRs). The Biogas Conditioning System at this facility includes our standard low pressure, three vessel regenerable Gas Conditioning Skid.

As of March 2011, this facility has been operating for 8,000 hours and is still on the original change of media. Media life expectancy is estimated at 24 months. The sample taken at 8,000 hour was < 180 ppbv, Si. Design Basis

Inlet Conditions (Typical):
• Inlet: 3,000 scfm
• 10 psig
• = 75 mg/m3 siloxanes
• = 450 ppmv H2S
• = 45F dew point
• = 100F
• = 2,000 ppmv NMOCs
• Outlet: =5 mg/m3, Si

Outlet (Typical):
• Siloxanes: = 75 ppbv, Si
• Dew Point: = 0F (24 hr avg.)
• NMOCs: = 750 mg/m3