Coleman Station Fuel Gas Desulfurization Electrical Power Distribution

Location: Coleman Station
Date Completed: 2008

Services Provided
Venture Engineering & Construction was contracted to provide the following services:

  • Short circuit and relay coordination study (ETAP Power Station) of new 12.47 kV, 4.16V and 480V equipment for the fuel gas desulfurization power system.
  • Motor starting study to determine the feasibility of starting 2000HP fans, 1400HP ball mill, 1850HP recycle pumps, and 1000HP oxidation blower 416V motors on the plant power system.
  • Designed high resistance ground system for the 5 kV power system.
  • Investigated the design of high resistance ground system on the 15 kV power system.
  • Designed the ground detection system for the 12.47 kV power system using wye broken delta configuration with a 59N over-voltage relay.
  • Field assistance and start-up of the new power system.