Estimate and Structural Engineering Study

Location: Peekskill, New York
Date Completed:2009

Project Scope
Venture Engineering & Construction was contracted to provide an estimate and structural study to complete an installation of three bypass ducts above three existing, but out-of-service, electrostatic precipitators.

The precipitators were designed and installed by Wheelabrator APC in the early 1980s to provde air pollution control for the three furnaces at the Peekskill facility. They were taken out-of-service in the late 1990s when newer Spray Dryer technology was designed and installed by Wheelabrator APC. At that time, the precipitators were taken out of service and their internals were removed. However, the precipitator boxes have continued to be used since that time acting as ductwork to move gas from the furnaces to the new Spray Dryers.

In 2006, a third party performed structural analysis and design to add three new by-pass ducts and support structures above the precipitators to move gas from the furnaces to the Spray Dryers in lieu of the old precipitator boxes and to allow for their cleanout and demolition.

Services Provided
Because the third party no longer exists, Venture’s estimate was to provide certification of the third party’s design and to provide technical assistance with fabrication and
erection of the three bypass ducts and their support structures, three 91’-0 long
single span box trusses that run 90 to 100 feet in the air above existing facilities,
and with demolition of the three precipitator boxes.