Haber-Bosch Process Study

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Client: Local Shale Gas Operator
Date Completed: March 2015

Project Scope

Venture Engineering & Construction was contracted by Wilmoth Interests, Inc. to investigate commercially available process options and the ecomonic feasibility to convert natural gas into liquid ammonia using the Haber-Bosch process. Nitrogen gas and hydrogen gas are reacted to produce ammonia. A small scale micro facility was also investigated with the capacity to produce 4,400 to 5,000 gallons per day of liquid ammonia (10 to 11.4 metric tons per day).local shale gas operator 1

Services Provided

Venture was responsible for providing a full study that included:

  • Process Summary
  • H2 generation – modular systems using steam methane reforming
  • A comparison of electrolysis to steam methane reforming for generating H2
  • N2 generation – modular systems using pressure swing air separation
  • Ammonia generation – modular systems using Haber Process
  • Material balance
  • Project financing opportunities/analysis
  • Economic analysis
  • Conclusions and recommendations

Additionally, Venture provided the following documents in the study/report:

  • Block flow diagram for ammonia production
  • Budgetary pricing from vendors for modular N2 , H2 and ammonia generating systems
  • Material balance sheets based on producing 10 metric tonne/day
  • Hydrogen generation operating expense comparison using different technologies: electrolysis versus steam methane reforminglocal shale gas operator 2
  • Proforma using 20 year operating life cycle, 10 MT/day facility
  • Proforma using 15 year operating life cycle, 10 MT/day facility
  • Proforma using 20 year operating cycle with various ammonia pricing
  • Proforma for smaller 3MT/day facility using 20 yr. operating cycle
  • Multiple vendor proposals, pricing terms, and brochures (N2 and H2 Generation)
  • Multiple vendor proposals, pricing terms and brochures (Ammonia Generation)