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We are a full service process engineering and construction management company providing consulting, multi disciplinary engineering, project management and construction management to the world’s energy, power, construction, mining, process industries.

Venture Engineering & Construction Combines the Best Elements of Small and Large Firms 

Our structure enables us to provide localized, dedicated, and highly responsive service that is characteristic of small firms, while also offering the depth and breadth of expertise associated with large firms. Small local firms cannot match our capabilities and resources. Large firms cannot match our speed and focused approach.

Due to the fast pace of technology, together with a constantly changing business environment, creates ever increasing challenges for capital project delivery. Venture works with our mining clients as a partner to provide optimum solutions in a very dynamic environment. We don’t succeed unless our clients are successful. Venture Engineering & Construction is synonymous with innovation, dedication and commitment to continuous improvement.

Venture is performance driven with an emphasis on integrity, professionalism, and the practical application of technology. All facets of Ventures engineering services must meet two criteria: high quality and cost effectiveness. With engineering practices and project management procedures that utilize the latest systems and technology, Venture provides a full range of professional services to our clients.

Venture has the know-how to manage and design a mining project from its onset. Venture can provide project planning / management, pre-feasibility and feasibility, as well as detailed engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM), completions, commissioning and start-up. Services span new plant construction, maintenance projects, together with extensive field services and construction capability.

Venture Engineering has the ability to meet in the areas of:

  • Control systems – Heating of furnace, managing scheduling of workers, preventing bottlenecks in process.
  • Mechanical – Pipe stress and seismic considerations, furnace design, heat recovery and transfer.
  • Chemical /Process engineering, design of systems for electrolysis, explosives, reaction kinetics, slurry piping.
  • Civil – Design of conveyers, processing plants, hauling.
  • SAFTETY first for all – Explosive handling, chemical storage and handling, environmental considerations.
  • Waste management – Solid, liquid, air, sound.
  • Electrical and Power Transmission, substation design, power generation design, load studies, arc flash studies, and lighting protection.

Some of our recent projects.

Molycorp, Mountain Pass, CA, Brine Treatment Process and Piping Design

Venture was retained by Molycorp’s Mountain Pass, California, rare earth facility to support design of a facility for purifying waste brine into a feedstock suitable for a downstream chlor-alkali plant. Scope included:

  • Advancing the original concept which involved multiple steps of precipitation chemistry,
  • Repurposing existing process facilities for brine treatment, using surplus equipment from other areas of the facility
  • Developing a means to supply a uniform flow to the chlor-alkali plant from a variable supply; more specifically to:
    • Simultaneously feed the chlor-alkali process with treated brine from the processing facility while diverting excess brine to remote holding ponds, or
    • Simultaneously feed the chlor-alkali process with treated brine from the processing facility while compensating for shortfalls by feeding brine from remote holding ponds, or
    • Continue processing waste brine flows without interruption in the event of an outage at the chlor-alkali plant, or
    • Supply brine from remote holding ponds to the chlor-alkali process without interruption in the event of an outage at the brine processing facility

Deliverables included:

  • Scrubbing of the original P&IDs and developing new P&IDs as required
  • Equipment list, instrument list, and valve list
  • Arrangement drawings and piping plans
  • Procurement of new and used equipment

Nevada Copper Corp., Yerington, NV, Schedule Development Services

Nevada Copper Corp. (NCC) is constructing a mine near the town of Yerington, Nevada. Phase 1 is a $330 million project that includes site development, a 6500 tpd deep shaft mine and top-side processing facilities.  NCC requested Venture to prepare a “Master Schedule” for all of the associated contractors and equipment materials deliveries associated with the construction of Phase 1, integrating and building on  three engineering schedules and a contractor’s schedule, as well as additional activities. Venture provided senior personnel to work closely with NCC to develop a detailed logic network consisting of nearly 3000 lines, using MS Project. The schedule addresses activities associated with engineering, construction, equipment deliverables, and commissioning, and project closeout.



  • Chemical Process
  • Conveying and Crushing
  • Coal Bed Methane Gas Management
  • Coal Cleaning
  • Stormwater Modeling Using HEC RMS and Pond Design
  • Erosion & Sediment Control
  • Power Generation
  • CMU and Prefabricated Metal Buildings
  • Water Treatment
  • ARC Flash and Electrical Load Studies
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling for Air Quality and all Fluid System Applications.
  • Pipe Stress & Seismic Analysis