Las Vegas, Nevada Gas Conditioning System

Location: APEX Landfill; Las Vegas, Nevada
Date Completed: 2010

Project Scope

Venture Engineering & Construction was contracted to provide engineering, design, procurement, and equipment supply to DCO Energy for a new combined cycle landfill gas to energy facility at the APEX Landfill in Las Vegas, Nevada. The project included two Solar Taurus Turbine Generators (T-60’s) with HRSG’s. The new combined cycle, merchant power plant produces 16MW of power for sale to Nevada Energy under a long term power purchase agreement. The turbines are fueled with 4,800 scfm of landfill gas.

Project scope includes:

Landfill gas blowers (75″ wc vacuum, 12 psig discharge)
Landfill gas compression (two stage, 12 psig suction, 260 psig discharge)
Landfill gas chiller (gas drying)
Ammonia Refrigeration (for compression systems, LFG dryer and turbines)
Gas Conditioning System (remove unwanted landfill gas contaminants)
Power Island: two Solar Taurus T-60 turbine gensets with HRSGs
Environmental systems: Oxidative and SCR catalysts (CO and NOx reduction, respective)
Inlet air chilling
Nevada Energy interconnect

Services Provided

Detailed engineering and design of the above, plus engineering, fabrication and supply of Venture Engineering’s patent pending landfill gas conditioning system (pictured above). Venture’s gas conditioning system removes unwanted and harmful organosilicon (siloxane) compounds, as well as moisture and H2S from the landfill gas prior to combustion. Siloxanes form silicon dioxide when combusted, which foul turbine blades as well as post combustion