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Process Engineering Video Library

Explore our video library dedicated to our process engineering solutions for the waste-to-energy market and general manufacturing industries.

Venture Engineering Featured on Business Day with Terry Bradshaw

Venture’s Gas Conditioning Video

Treating Siloxanes and H2S in Landfill Digester Gas Webinar

A webinar discussing pretreatment options for landfill and digester gas hosted by Bill Slatosky, chief technical officer of Venture Engineering, held on August 8, 2013.


An Intro to Venture Engineering’s Gas Conditioning System for Landfill Gas to Energy Facilities

Venture Engineering’s Gas Conditioning System is used to remove siloxanes, NMOCs, H2S, and other contaminants from landfill gas. These compounds cause high maintenance costs and shorter engine/turbine life at landfill gas to energy facilities.