Skid Field Services/Support

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Venture Engineering & Construction, Inc. (Venture) is the manufacturer of market leading gas processing equipment for the biogas and shale gas markets, respectively.

Where Venture differs from most equipment manufacturers: we offer a wide variety of support services on our equipment. Services include:

  • Parts replacement, ordering, and inventory management.
  • Media: Our engineers are trained in selection of the best media for your adsorption systems. Venture will work with your operators to order and change-out/fill your media.
  • Service & Maintenance: The Venture team is experienced with troubleshooting process, automation, and instrumentation/controls bottlenecks, PLC programming, etc.
  • Field installation, commissioning, and startup of equipment.
  • Sampling and testing.
  • Customization of a service support plan that may include phone support, VPN remote access, field assistance, etc.

Venture can provide both designs of equipment as well as turnkey fabricated systems shipped to your site.

Contact us today to learn how we can help!

Andy DiFonso
Mechanical Engineer
(412) 231-5890 x320