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Vision Issue #16

This issue is all about Pipe!
Take a look at our latest white paper about Pipe Stress. Review some of our recent piping projects. And see what technology we use that assists the Venture team in designing pipe systems.

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Vision Issue #15

This issue features water: moving O&G water, treating water, and more.

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Vision Issue #14

In this issue, Venture Engineering introduces its gas conditioning equipment developed for the Marcellus and Utica shale plays. Systems include NGL Pressure Swing Adsorption, Temperature Swing Adsorption, and “at the wellhead” solutions such as condensate stabilizer, condensate splitters, and glycol dehydration systems.

Along with these new O&G capabilities, this issue includes a look at Quad O compliance, continued excellence in process design and engineering for LFG to High BTU facilities, and a look at mining via Venture’s Las Vegas office.

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Vision Issue #13

This is a special issue describing the safer alternative to frac water treatment and the beneficial protection of the watershed.

Plus a look at how to avoid project failures early through process piloting and detecting trouble early.

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Vision Issue #12

This is a special Zeolite issue. It is intended to provide some practical insights into zeolite functionality and why they have so much potential.

Creativity in the Field continues this issue with an image of quite the remarkable field inspector. Continue to submit entries for captions for this issue’s scenario and to send in your images of Creativity in the Field!

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Vision Issue #11

In this issue, Venture discusses preventing and responding to landfill gas plant fires.

Venture also provides insight into hiring and keeping a successful team.

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Vision Issue #10

In this issue, Venture discusses CDF Simulations in Industrial settings while premiering its new newsletter’s “look.”

Venture also introduces its new social media efforts and new office, and it celebrates its 2nd year as Pittsburgh’s Fastest-Growing Engineering Company!

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Vision Issue #9

As a result of three years of sustained growth, Venture’s space on Washington’s landing was full. Our cubes were full to capacity, our interns were stuck in corners, we converted one conference room to office space, and it still was not enough.

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Vision Issue #8

On Thursday, August 26, 2010, the Pittsburgh Business Times recognized Venture Engineering & Construction as a leader in PBT’s Fastest- Growing Companies survey.

Venture was ranked Number 1 in the Environmental / Engineering / Energy category. And it received Number 2 Overall.

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Vision Issue #7

Seems like a simple thing to do, maintain a vessel, drum, or tank at a reasonable level during operation of a process. The problem arises from the fact that there are many dynamics which can affect level control starting with getting a good level measurement, shrink/ swell effects, process requirements like retention time, and vessel configuration to name a few.

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Vision Issue #6

AOP Clearwater has constructed a plant for processing 5000 bbls/day of flowback generated from slick water fracturing of the Marcellus Shale in West Virginia. Venture was tasked with re-engineering elements of the design, construction management, and commissioning.

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Vision Issue #5

A topic receiving increased scrutiny in landfill gas is the occurrence of siloxanes and their impact; particularly on rotating equipment. Siloxanes are put in the crosshairs by transmission companies. But what are siloxanes? Why the fuss? What is the solution?

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Vision Issue #4

How do CO2 emissions and CO2 consumption compare? Per Chemical and Engineering News April 30, 2007, “The global chemical industry uses up approximately 115 million metric tons of carbon dioxide each year as a feedstock in a variety of synthetic processes…

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Vision Issue #3

With a decline in natural gas production and an increasing demand, gas exploration today not only requires better reservoir knowledge and superior drilling methods, but also highly targeted completion technologies. Our customers want to improve their use of precious water assets to support not only multi-stage fracturing, but also well completion efficiencies and improved water conservation.

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Vision Issue #2

There are volumes of information on commissioning, and if you are new to it, where do you start? Why is it important? Find out more information about commissioning in this PDF.

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Vision Issue #1

Alternative energy is a term used to describe an energy source that is an alternative to using fossil fuels. Generally, it indicates energies that are non-traditional and have low environmental impact. The term alternative is used to contract with fossil fuels and often used interchangeably with renewable energy.

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