Equipment Parts & Service

Venture Engineering is the manufacturer of market leading gas processing equipment for the biogas and shale gas markets.

Where Venture differs from most equipment manufacturers is we offer a wide variety of support services on our equipment including:

  • Parts Replacement, Ordering, and Inventory Management – Venture can manage your inventory, saving you time and money.
  • Media – Our engineers are trained in the selection of the best media for your adsorption systems, and we will manage ordering, and media filling or change-outs.
  • Service & Maintenance – The Venture team is experienced with troubleshooting process, automation, and instrumentation & controls bottlenecks. Our team is adept at programming and providing multi-disciplinary support including process, electrical, civil, structural, and mechanical engineering.
  • Field Installation, Commissioning, and Startup.
  • Sampling & Testing.
  • Customizable service support plans including: Phone, VPN, Field, and more, are available.
  • Other post sale support as necessary.

Venture can provide both designs of equipment as well as turnkey fabricated systems shipped to your site.

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Andrew DiFonso
412-231-5890 x320

Stephen Kranz
412-231-5890 x303